“You Bake” Cookie Cake Fundraising Program

This is a unique new program that will maximize profits for

a good cause! The “You Bake” Cookie Cake kits are two frozen

include Chocolate Chip Cookies in a bakable service trays with

clear plastic lids.  The cost to the fundraising organization is

ONLY $10 per kit and can be sold for $16, $18 or even $20

you pick your price for your target market. Then you make

per sale profits! This is great for schools, sports teams, church

goups and much, much more….


Hello world!

We are launching our new fundraising program and website!! Visit us at www.Founders-Pride.com and find out more about our “You Bake” Cookie Cake program. This is a unique One-of-a-Kind program that will not only having you begging for more delicious cookie cakes but will raise lot’s of dough for your cause. 

These cookie cakes are only the start to the Founder’s Pride product launch. Keep your eyes peeled and “Like us” on Facebook!!